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Size: Small / Medium

Weight: 25- 40 lbs.

Height: 18"-21" (Female) 19"-22" (Male)

Life Span: 12- 15 years

Health Problems: Mange; digestive tract problems; undescended testicles

Origin: New England

Also Known As: No Nicknames.

Group: Hound

Category: Companion Dog, Racing, Chasing Events

Exercise Needs

The Whippet should be walked several times a day and allowed to run. This breed should be kept on a leashing when walked and is suitable for small, fenced yards.

Grooming Needs

Your Whippet's smooth, short coat only needs brushed once a week. In fact, it may need a coat in cold weather. Regular nail clipping and dental cleaning recommended.


Loving, friendly, shy, sensitive and easy-going, this breed is good in almost any environment. The Whippet is alert, adaptable and highly trainable. The breed makes a good family pet. However, it should never be roughly handled or disciplined harshly.

Compatibility with Kids

Good with quiet children. Supervision is recommended around young childern. 


This breed's history is largely unknown. It is believed that Italian Greyhounds were crossed with Terriers and other Greyhounds. These dogs were bred in the mid-1800s in England for rabbit hunting and later used for racing.

Pet Facts

This slender, hardy dog is very fast. If not leashed, it may be hard to catch. It needs a warm bed away from drafts. Loud noises may bother it. The breed comes in many colors and patterns.

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