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Dog Treats

Dog treats are an important part of training, rewarding, and, most of all, creating a special bond with your best friend. Bil-Jac has created a wide variety of treat flavors and sizes that offer tail-wagging taste with nutritious chicken liver and chicken.

Original recipe liver and chicken dog treats

Original Recipe Dog Treats

The perfect everyday treat.

Gooberlicious Peanut butter flavored soft dog treats


Great for training dogs of all sizes.

Little Jacs soft treats for training your small dog.


Small size is perfect for treating any time.

PBNanas soft peanut butter and banana flavored dog treats


Treats feature yummy flavor of peanut butter and banana.

Apple and banana flavor soft dog treats


Treats featuring apple and banana flavors.

Little Gooberlicious peanut butter flavored soft dog treats

Little Gooberlicious®

Great treats for training or an everyday snack.

Vet Dogs soft dog treats

America's VetDogs® Treats

Specially formulated to help keep your dog's skin and coat, soft and shiny.

America's VetDogs® Training Treats

Official Training Treat of America’s VetDogs Organization

Grain free soft dog treats for training

Grain Free Treats

A grain free treat alternative that lets your dog Rise Above the Grain®.

Breakfast Jacs®

Morning inspired treats for any time of day.

Dessert Jacs pumpkin flavored dog treats

Dessert Jacs®

Pumpkin flavored treats for training or rewarding.

Slim-Jacs 4 oz Dog Treats on Counter

Slim Jacs™

Delicious, low-fat treat great for training or rewarding.

Bil-Jac Smart-Jacs Digestive Support on Counter

Smart-Jacs® Digestive Support

Help deliver healthy digestion in a soft, delicious treat!

Bil-Jac Smart-Jacs Skin & Coat Front On Counter

Smart-Jacs® Skin & Coat Support

Help deliver healthy skin & coat in a soft, delicious treat!

Small & Medium Dog Biscuits

Delicious Biscuits for Large dogs made with real chicken liver, the taste dogs love!

Large Dog Biscuits

Delicious Biscuits for Small & Medium dogs made with real chicken liver, the taste dogs love!

Cool Jac’s®

The perfect special reward or training incentive for any dog.

Medium sized dog up on hind legs for a treat

Why Choose Dog Treats from Bil-Jac?

The best treats for training or rewarding are the ones your dog never gets tired of because they are irresistibly delicious. Bil-Jac Treats are made with so much chicken liver and fresh chicken, your dog will be wagging their tail before you even open the bag. Whether your dog loves peanut butter flavored treats, apple banana flavored treats, or treats made with egg and cheese, Bil-Jac offers a wide range of treat flavors that will please your best friends’ taste buds.

Why do our treats taste so good? We use high-quality ingredients that are slow-cooked to perfection to help protect key nutrients and lock in the delicious taste. They are perfect for training, rewarding, or just to give your dog to a yummy snack! Show your pup you love them and build a bond that will last a lifetime with the help of Bil-Jac Treats.

How to Select the Best Bil-Jac Dog Treats for your Dog

Bil-Jac has designed a wide variety of soft and moist treats that can be used for both training and rewarding every dog breed from puppy to senior.

Smaller-sized treats like Bil-Jac Little-Jacs, Little Gooberlicious, and Dessert Jacs Treats are perfect for repetitive training sessions for pups and small dogs. With only 3 calories or less in each of these treats, you can reward good behavior with minimal calorie intake. Bil-Jac also makes larger treats that are great for rewarding and snacking, including Bil-Jac Original Recipe, Gooberlicious, YappleNanas, Breakfast-Jacs, and PBnanas Treats.

For dogs that deal with sensitivities, we offer a few different varieties of treats to help support their needs with Smart-Jacs Digestive Support, Smart-Jacs Skin & Coat Support, and Grain Free Treats. Every delicious bite of Bil-Jac Treats will help strengthen the bond between you and your best friend!

German Shepheard giving their paw for a treat

Types of Bil-Jac Dog Treats

Little-Jacs Dog Treats

Made with chicken liver, small size great for training.

Original Recipe Dog Treats

Our first treat, made with chicken liver.

Little Gooberlicious Dog Treats

Peanut butter flavored treat, small size.

Gooberlicious Dog Treats

Peanut butter flavor dogs love in a larger-sized bite.

PBnanas Dog Treats

Peanut butter and banana flavored goodness.

YappleNanas Dog Treats

Apple and banana flavored treats in a larger bite.

Breakfast Jacs Dog Treats

Rise and shine, with egg and cheese, small-sized treat,

Smart-Jacs Digestive Support Dog Treats 

Made with oatmeal, blueberry, and probiotics to support healthy digestion in a larger bite size.

Smart-Jacs Skin & Coat Support Dog Treats 

Guaranteed amounts of linoleic acid to support skin and coat health in a larger bite size.

Slim-Jacs Dog Treats

Low fat treats, small size for treating or rewarding.

Dessert Jacs Dog Treats

Pumpkin flavored treats cut into a small pie piece shape.

Bil-Jac Grain Free Dog Treats

Grain free treats made with chicken and sweet potato, small size.

America’s VetDogs Skin & Coat Formula Dog Treats

Made with real chicken, larger star shape, and every purchase supports the America’s VetDogs organization.

America’s VetDogs Training Treats

Made with real chicken and natural peanut butter flavor, small size great for training, every purchase supports the America’s VetDogs organization.

Cool-Jac’s Dog Treats

Made with real chicken and yogurt, available regionally in the freezer section.

Bil-Jac Small & Medium Dog Biscuits

Small-size crunchy, baked biscuit made with real chicken liver and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for healthy skin & coat.

Bil-Jac Large Dog Biscuits

Large-size crunchy, baked biscuit made with real chicken liver and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for healthy skin & coat.


The answer depends on the size of your dog and the number of calories they need to maintain a healthy weight. Treats should be fed in moderation and can be broken into smaller pieces. To help your dog maintain a healthy weight, don’t feed more than 10% of their daily calories in treats.

Treats made with high-quality ingredients and fresh animal protein will have the best balance of nutritional value, especially if they’re made without extruding the treats at high temperatures that destroy valuable nutrients.

All dog treats are labeled with a best used by date. Dog treats can typically last for an extended period of time, but they can harden over time if they are opened. Follow the “best used by” date on the treat packaging to give your dogs the best taste experience.

Yes, Bil-Jac Treats are soft and moist, not crunchy, so they are easy for dogs to chew. Even dogs who have missing teeth can enjoy Bil-Jac Treats. If you are looking for a crunchy treat, Bil-Jac Biscuits are a great option dogs enjoy.

High-quality dog treats are made with animal protein as the first listed ingredient. Bil-Jac Treats are made with either chicken liver or chicken as the main ingredient. That’s why dogs think Bil-Jac Treats are so delicious and tasty.

Yes, puppies can begin to receive Bil-Jac Treats around 8 weeks old. Since our treats are soft and moist, they are easier for young teeth to chew.