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Frozen Dog Food

Nutritious and Delicious! That has been the Bil-Jac way since 1947. Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food is made with fresh chicken that’s gently cooked and then frozen at the peak of freshness to help protect vital nutrients and deliver a fresh, tender taste dogs crave.

Bil-Jac® Frozen Dog Food

Easy to chew bites that deliver a fresh, tender taste dogs crave.

Cool Jac’s®

The perfect special reward or training incentive for any dog.

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Why Choose Frozen Dog Food from Bil-Jac?

Since 1947, Bil-Jac has helped dogs thrive, and it all started with our frozen dog food. Our original recipe helped to revolutionize the dog food market by introducing animal protein as the number one ingredient - and that commitment to high-quality nutrition continues today.

Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food starts with locally sourced, fresh chicken to provide a source of high-quality protein for your dog. The combination of probiotics, prebiotics and a gentle fiber blend helps support a healthy gut and microbiome. This formula also contains Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids to help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Since Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food is a soft food, it is the perfect choice for senior dogs, puppies with small teeth, or any dog that prefers an easy to chew meal.

Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food is slowly cooked and gently dried in small batches to lock in the delicious taste and high-quality nutrition your dog needs for a complete and balanced meal. Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food can easily be used as a topper for picky eaters or mixed in to dry food for an added nutritional boost. Make mealtime special for your best friend with Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food!

How to Feed Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food

Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food is 100% complete and balanced for all life stages from puppy to adult to senior dogs. See the feeding guidelines on the bag for feeding amounts.

Feeding Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Store in freezer until ready to serve.
  2. Thaw in refrigerator (at least overnight) and serve.
  3. Feed within 10 days once thawed.

Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food and Cool-Jac’s Treats are available in select retailers in limited areas. Please consult our Where to Buy listing or call us at 1-800-321-1002 to find a retailer near you.

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Frozen Dog Food & Treats

Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food

For puppies and adult dogs, made with fresh chicken, contains probiotics for healthy digestion.

Bil-Jac Cool-Jac’s Treats

Made with real chicken and yogurt, available regionally in the freezer section.


No, frozen food should be thawed first before serving.

The best way to thaw frozen dog food is to let it defrost in the refrigerator overnight. By putting the full bag of frozen food in the refrigerator the day before it is needed, it will defrost slowly and be ready for your best friend the next day. Once thawed, frozen food can be kept in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food is an excellent option as a complete and balanced meal or as a topper.

No, once thawed Bil-Jac Frozen Dog Food should not be refrozen.

The answer depends on the age and size of your dog. Every bag of Bil-Jac Frozen includes daily feeding recommendations based on your dog’s weight and age. Use that as a starting point and monitor your dog’s weight and activity level. If you notice your dog is gaining or losing weight, adjust the feeding amount accordingly. 

Dogs need more than 30 nutrients to thrive with animal protein at the top of the list as well as fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and moisture. Bil-Jac adult dog foods provide all the required nutrients dogs need in their daily diet and meet all AAFCO standards to be complete and balanced.