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Puppy Food

Your puppy’s first year is a critical part of their growth and development. High-quality nutrition is essential to help start your puppy off on the right paw during this special time. Bil-Jac offers a wide range of puppy food options to provide the strong nutritional foundation they need to grow in a happy, healthy adult.

Puppy Select 6 lb. Front Counter

Puppy Select Formula Dog Food

Features our exclusive balance of nutrients for growing puppies.

Large Breed Puppy 15 lb. Front Counter

Large Breed Puppy Dog Food

Lower protein and fat levels than our Puppy Select Formula.

Small Breed Puppy 6 lb. Front Counter

Small Breed Puppy Dog Food

For the care and nutrition of Small Breed Puppies.

Picky No More All-Breed Puppy 4 lb. On Counter

Picky No More™ All-Breed Puppy Dry Food

Formulated for picky puppies of all sizes and pleases even the pickiest of pups.

Sensitive Solutions Skin & Stomach Support 6 lb. Front Counter

Sensitive Solutions Skin & Stomach Support Dog Food

Features the SmartDefense™ System, with vitamins C & E.

Sensitive Solutions Digestive & Immune Support

Advanced nutrition for sensitive dogs.

Adult Select 6 lb. Front Counter

Adult Select Dog Food

Formulated for dogs of all ages, an excellent choice for multi-dog families.

Golden retriever puppy eating Bil-Jac

Why Choose Puppy Food from Bil-Jac?

As a pet parent, you want your adorable little puppy to grow up healthy and strong. Vital nutrition is an important part of caring for your puppy, especially during the first twelve months of life when puppies grow and develop quickly. Bil-Jac Puppy Foods are formulated to help give your growing pup a strong nutritional foundation for lifelong health. Since 1947, Bil-Jac has been helping puppies thrive by providing them with delicious, 100% complete and balanced food they need for a healthy future.

All Bil-Jac Dry Puppy Foods start with fresh, locally sourced chicken to provide the high-quality animal protein needed to help build lean muscles and strong bones. We slowly cook and combine the chicken with other key ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to deliver a tasty food your puppy will look forward to eating. We also add naturally sourced Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids to support healthy skin and a beautiful coat. Since puppies love to get into everything, we have also added probiotics for digestive and immune support in every bag.

Another benefit of all Bil-Jac Dry Puppy Foods is our easy-to-chew bites that are perfect for sensitive puppy gums while teething. Our unique method of slowly-cooking, and gently forming and drying each piece, helps make mealtime a breeze for puppies’ small mouths and growing teeth.

How to Select the Best Puppy Food for Your Puppy?

To select the best puppy food for your dog, start with the weight your puppy is expected to be once they are fully grown.

  • Small Breed Puppies - less than 20 pounds when fully grown.
  • Medium Breed Puppies - between 20-50 pounds when fully grown.
  • Large Breed Puppies - over 50 pounds when fully grown.

Each bag of food will have feeding recommendations you can use to know how much to feed your puppy daily. Since puppies have small stomachs, you can split that amount of food into 2-3 portions spread across the day. Adjust feeding amounts as needed to maintain body condition.

Bil-Jac recognizes that growing puppies have specific nutritional needs. That is why we offer a variety of Bil-Jac Puppy Food formulas for your puppies’ age, size, and lifestyle. From small to large breed, there is a Bil-Jac formula for your pup. Is your puppy a picky eater? Have sensitive skin or need a little extra digestive support? Here are quick links to all our Bil-Jac Puppy Foods.

You can also use our Dog Food Product Finder to answer a few questions online and see which Bil-Jac dog food we recommend for your dog.

Medium breed puppy running with bowl

Bil-Jac Food for Puppies

Small Breed Dry Puppy Food

For puppies, up to 12 months old, who will be 20 pounds at full maturity.

Puppy Select Dry Puppy Food

For medium puppies, up to 12 months, who will grow to be up to 20-50 pounds at full maturity.

Large Breed Dry Puppy Food

For puppies, up to 12-18 months, who will grow to be 50 pounds when at full maturity.

Picky No More All Breed Puppy

Great for puppies of all sizes who are picky eaters.

Sensitive Solutions Skin & Stomach Dry Dog Food

Specially formulated for sensitive puppies and adult dogs.

Sensitive Solutions Digestive & Immune Support

Specially formulated for puppies and adult dogs with prebiotics and probiotics.

Adult Select Formula

Formulated for puppies and adult dogs of all sizes. If you have multiple dogs in your family, they all can enjoy the same food while getting the nutrients they need.

Bil-Jac Frozen

Formulated for puppies and dogs of all sizes, this food is soft once defrosted and served. Also great for training!


Puppies can start to transition to soft, solid foods in the first seven weeks. Once weaning is complete, you can feed dry food.

Dog foods companies are required to include feeding guidelines on all puppy and dog foods. Each dog food will suggest feeding amounts based on the current weight of your puppy and their age.

Dry food can be left out all day if needed. It’s best to measure the amount and only leave out the amount your puppy should be eating per day. If you prefer, you can also split that amount into two or three separate meals. We do not recommend “free” feeding your dog and letting your dog eat as much as they want. That is not healthy while they are growing or once they are adult dogs.

Puppies should eat puppy food until they are ready to transition to adult dog food. Puppies mature at different rates depending on their size. Smaller breeds can switch between 9 months to 1 year old. Medium breeds can switch at 1 year old. Finally, large breed puppies can switch between 12-18 months old.

Puppies can begin to receive treats around 8 weeks old, but there are some other important considerations. Soft and moist treats, like Bil-Jac Treats, are easier for young teeth to chew. You should also choose a treat that’s made with animal protein as the number one ingredient, such as chicken or chicken liver. Animal sourced protein contains essential amino acids that help puppies develop, grow, and repair body cells.