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It's the Treats!

Extraordinary tricks for extraordinary treats.

Bil-Jac Treats: A Chicken Liver Taste Dogs Will Show Off For

It’s true, dogs will do almost anything to get a Bil-Jac Treat! They might even learn to play the piano, paint a picture, or shop for you! When the smell of real chicken liver hits your dog’s nose, it's a temptation they can’t resist. With a wide variety of flavors and tastes, Bil-Jac Treats will please the pallet of even the pickiest dogs. So, if you’re looking to reward your dog or help make training easier, pick up a few bags of Bil-Jac Treats today.

Find Out What Your Dog Would Do for the Taste of Bil-Jac!


Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Treats

Gooberlicious Peanut butter flavored soft dog treats


Great for training, these delicious peanut-butter flavored morsels are a perfect everyday snack. Gooberlicious Treats are just the right size for medium and large dogs. When your dog deserves a big reward, give them the big flavor of peanut butter they love!

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Little Jacs soft treats for training your small dog.


Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Training Treats are ideal for training your dog. The small size is perfect for treating any time. Dogs love the delicious taste of chicken liver. Reward your dog with love, affection and Bil-Jac Treats.

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Original recipe liver and chicken dog treats

Original Recipe Dog Treats

Dogs agree that Original Recipe Dog Treats, made with real liver, are delicious and perfect every day! Use them for training, a reward, and just to show how much you love them.

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PBNanas soft peanut butter and banana flavored dog treats


Bil-Jac PBnanas Soft Treats for dogs are soft & moist treats for dogs of all sizes. Real chicken is the #1 ingredient, with the yummy flavor of peanut butter and banana. A fun way to add variety to your dog's day!

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