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Size: Medium / Large

Weight: 45 - 60 lbs.

Height: 24" - 28"

Life Span: 12 years

Health Problems: Progressive retinal atophy

Origin: North Africa (Ancient Times)

Also Known As: Arabian Greyhound, Slughi

Group: Sighthound

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

Originally used to hunt gazelle and other desert prey, the Sloughi is a running dog much like the Saluki. You will need to provide plenty of exercise. Your Sloughis will appreciate a safe, secured area in which they can run free for awhile.

Grooming Needs

No special grooming requirements.


The Sloughi is often compared to the Saluki in terms of temperament. It may be somewhat aggressive with strangers and tends to be too nervous to fit well into a home with small, active children. This breed prefers a calm environment. The Sloughi is usually described as intelligent, noble, proud, reserved, polite and watchful.

Compatibility with Kids

Good with children.


Native to the area that is now Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, the Sloughi is an ancient breed that was treasured by the Berber and Bedouin. They often treated the Sloughi like family. DNA tests show seven differences between the Saluki and Sloughi, with only one between the Sloughi and Afghan.

Pet Facts

Today, the Sloughi breed is rare. By the beginning of the 20th century, the breed was nearly extinct due to rabies epidemics and political upheavals. In the 1960s, conscientious breeders began attempts to preserve the breed.

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