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Sealyham Terrier

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Size: Small / Medium

Weight: 24 lbs.

Height: 10"

Life Span: 12 - 14 years

Health Problems: Prone to deafness. Flea allergies; eye problems (glaucoma); does best in cool climate. Generally very healthy.

Origin: Wales

Also Known As: Sealy

Group: Terrier

Category: Companion Dog, Hunting

Exercise Needs

The Sealyham Terrier requires a moderate activity level. One walk per day should suffice. This breed does well in an apartment if adequately exercised. The Sealyham Terrier is low-key, low energy compared to other terriers.

Grooming Needs

Daily brushing is recommended for your Sealyham Terrier. Coat should be trimmed about 4 times per year.


The Sealyham Terrier is a quick learner, courageous and friendly. This breed is cheerful, calm and stable, with a deep devotion to owner. More outgoing and friendly than many other terrier breeds, the Sealyham Terrier thrives on being a family member.

Compatibility with Kids

Can be good with children if they are gentle. Best with older kids. Can be aggressive with strangers and other animals. Early socialization and obedience training recommended.


This breed is a descendant of the Dandie Dinmont, West Highland White, Wire-Fox Terrier and Welsh Corgi. In 1850, Captain Edwards bred the Sealyham for hunting badger, otter and fox because he was not satisfied with other Terrier breeds.

Pet Facts

Named for the Welsh estate of Captain John Edwards. The breed is a result of one man's quest for the perfect hunting Terrier. This uncommon breed is rare in the U.S.

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