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Size: Medium

Weight: 30 - 35 lbs.

Height: 15" - 18"

Life Span: 14 - 16 years

Health Problems: Needs an experienced dog owner. Prone to hip dysplasia.

Origin: Hungary

Also Known As: Hungarian Puli, Hungarian Water Dog

Group: Herding

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

Puli are high-energy dogs that need plenty of activity. Several long walks and play sessions per day are necessary to avoid behavioral problems.

Grooming Needs

Pulis require extensive grooming. Short coats will require care at least every other day, longer coats will require daily care.


Pulis are an intelligent, active breed that makes a good watchdog and companion if socialized early. The breed does not integrate well into homes with children, but can learn to live with other animals. These dogs tend to bark at strangers.

Compatibility with Kids

The breed does not integrate well into homes wiith children


The Puli was developed centuries ago as a sheepherder. It is though to be a descendant of Sheepdogs belonging to the 9th century Magyar tribes that lived in the central Danube region.

Pet Facts

Puli are a long-haired breed that has comes in black, rusty black, shades of gray and white. The coat can be corded or brushed.

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An active dog who gets plenty of exercise every day.

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