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Size: Small

Weight: 9 - 18 lbs.

Height: 12" - 14"

Life Span: 13 - 14 years

Health Problems: Patellar luxation

Origin: France (1600s)

Also Known As: Little Lion Dog

Group: Non-Sporting

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

No special exercise requirements.

Grooming Needs

Regular trimming and brushing to keep hair from matting is required for your Lowchen.


Spunky, intelligent and highly social. This breed has a tendency to bark and dig. It will want to be the leader in the household and may not always do well with other pets. The Lowchen requires firm training due to a willful and somewhat arrogant demeanor.

Compatibility with Kids

Good with children.


Popular in Western Europe as a companion as early as the 1500s, the Lowchen is a close relative to the other varieties of the Bichon.