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Italian Spinone

Size: Medium / Large

Weight: 55 - 57 lbs.

Height: 20" - 26"

Life Span: 12 - 13 years

Health Problems: Hip dysplasia; bloat; cerebellar ataxia (brain disorder resulting in uncoordinated muscle movement); brain disorders that cause unnatural gait

Origin: Italy (1200s)

Also Known As: Spinine Italiano, Spine Nicknames., Italian Pointer

Group: Hunting

Category: Companion Dog, Hunting, Field Trials

Exercise Needs

No special exercise requirements.

Grooming Needs

Weekly brushing and "stripping" (pulling dead hair gently from the body rather than cutting it ) is required for your Italian Spinone.


Intelligent, obedient and patient, the Italian Spinone is serious when hunting, but can be silly and entertaining when at home. Its somewhat rowdy personality is best suited for active couples or families that are willing to play along. The breed can be social, most prefer constant companionship from people or other dogs. Some animals can become timid if not socialized properly. The Spinone may warn you when a stranger is coming by barking or howling, but it does not have a protective nature. It is not an effective guard dog. Tends to be somewhat stubborn, but fairly easy to train.

Compatibility with Kids

Good with children.


Dating back to the Middle Ages, the Spinone descended from other Pointer breeds -- most likely the Segugio or Korthals Griffon.