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Hanoverian Hound

Size: Large

Weight: 84 - 99 lbs.

Height: 20" - 24"

Life Span: 12 years

Health Problems: Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Origin: Germany (1820s)

Also Known As: Hanover Hound, Hannoverscher Scweisshund

Group: Scenthound

Category: Companion Dog, Hunting

Exercise Needs

The Hanoverian Hound requires frequent exercise due to its hunting nature. Long daily walks are necessary to keep this breed physically fit and mentally alert. Hunting and tracking activities are preferred.


As a pet, the Hanoverian Hound tends to be poised, even-tempered and extremely devoted to its owner and family. As a hunter, the breed is hard-working, persistent, and even obsessed at times. Hanoverian Hounds can follow a "cold" trail for days, never giving up until it eventually sniffs out its game. Due to a tendency to become bored or depressed if there is not any "work" to do, these dogs are best paired with an owner that is an active hunter.

Compatibility with Kids

Good with children.


The Hanoverian Hound is Germany's version of a typical bloodhound. Breeders in the area of Hanover in the central plains of Germany developed the breed by crossing the descendants of 9th century Leithunds with lighter local breeds such as the Haidbracke and the Harzerbracke. Like all blood hounds, the breed has been refined to sniff out a blood trail, sometimes days old, and lead the hunter to dead or wounded game. Originally used for large game tracking, today the Hanoverian Hound is a good hunting companion and pet.

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