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Bil-Jac® Super Premium

Dog Food & Treats

The freshest ingredients, slow cooked to protect both the taste and key nutrients your dog craves. Now that’s worth barking about! See for yourself and try the Bil-Jac Two Bowl Challenge.

17 Products found for:

Breakfast Jacs®

Morning inspired treats for any time of day.

Vet Dogs soft dog treats

America's VetDogs® Treats

Specially formulated to help keep your dog's skin and coat, soft and shiny.

Dessert Jacs pumpkin flavored dog treats

Dessert Jacs®

Pumpkin flavored treats for training or rewarding.

America's VetDogs® Training Treats

Official Training Treat of America’s VetDogs Organization

Slim-Jacs 4 oz Dog Treats on Counter

Slim Jacs™

Delicious, low-fat treat great for training or rewarding.

Cool Jac’s®

The perfect special reward or training incentive for any dog.

Bil-Jac Smart-Jacs Digestive Support on Counter

Smart-Jacs® Digestive Support

Help deliver healthy digestion in a soft, delicious treat!

Bil-Jac Smart-Jacs Skin & Coat Front On Counter

Smart-Jacs® Skin & Coat Support

Help deliver healthy skin & coat in a soft, delicious treat!

Small & Medium Dog Biscuits

Delicious Biscuits for Large dogs made with real chicken liver, the taste dogs love!

Large Dog Biscuits

Delicious Biscuits for Small & Medium dogs made with real chicken liver, the taste dogs love!

Little Jacs soft treats for training your small dog.


Small size is perfect for treating any time.

Apple and banana flavor soft dog treats


Treats featuring apple and banana flavors.

PBNanas soft peanut butter and banana flavored dog treats


Treats feature yummy flavor of peanut butter and banana.

Gooberlicious Peanut butter flavored soft dog treats


Great for training dogs of all sizes.

Little Gooberlicious peanut butter flavored soft dog treats

Little Gooberlicious®

Great treats for training or an everyday snack.

Original recipe liver and chicken dog treats

Original Recipe Dog Treats

The perfect everyday treat.

Grain free soft dog treats for training

Grain Free Treats

A grain free treat alternative that lets your dog Rise Above the Grain®.