At A Glance

Size: Small

Weight: 20 - 22 lbs.

Height: 16"

Life Span: 13 - 15 years

German Hunt Terrier

Also know as: Deutscher Jagdterrier, German Hunting Terrier

Group: Sporting

Origin: Germany

Today's Role: Companion Dog

History and Facts: The German Hunt Terrier originated in the 1920s in Germany when breeders crossed the Welsh Terrier and Old English Black-and-Tan Terrier -- then mixed the result with the English Fox Terrier. Breeding is still based on working ability.

Temperament / Behavior
The German Hunting Terrier is independent and doesn’t always make for a good companion. It's typically a good watchdog that tends to snap at strangers. It thrives on mental and physical activity.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Special Needs
Exercise: The German Hunt Terriers is an active breed that requires several long walks and play sessions per day.

Grooming: The German Hunt Terrier needs minimal grooming: occasional brushing and bathing.


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