At A Glance

Size: Large

Weight: 90 - 110 lbs.

Height: 24" - 29.5"

Life Span: 9 - 11 years

Brazilian Mastiff

Also know as: Fila Brasileiro, Brazilian Guard Dog, Brazilian Molosser, Cao de Fila

Group: Working

Origin: Brazil

Today's Role: Guard Dog, Tracking

History and Facts: A descendant of the 15th century English Bull Mastiff, Bloodhounds, Bulldogs and Rafieros, this breed is banned in several countries.

Temperament / Behavior
Although friendly and protective of its human family, the Brazilian Mastiff may aggressive with strangers.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Hip dysplasia; bloat

Special Needs
Exercise: The Brazilian Mastiff will need daily vigorous exercise. This dog is not recommended for city or apartment living.

Grooming: The Brazilian Mastiff needs minimal grooming: occasional brushing and bathing.


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