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Size: Medium

Weight: 40 - 70 lbs.

Height: 19" - 24"

Life Span: 11 - 12 years

Health Problems: Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Origin: Germany

Also Known As: No Nicknames.

Group: Northern Breed

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

No special exercise requirements.

Grooming Needs

No special grooming requirements.


The Eurasier does not generally make a good family pet, as it normally chooses a favorite human companion. Shyness and timidness are known behavioral problems typical of this breed. It seldom barks and does not make a good watchdog. It tends to be snappy like the Chow Chow.

Compatibility with Kids

Generally does not make a good family pet.


The Eurasier is a fairly new breed that was developed in Germany in the 1950s as a fresher version of the Russian Laika. It is a cross between the Samoyed, Chow Chow and German Wolfspitz.