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Dandie Dinmont

Size: Small

Weight: 18 - 24 lbs.

Height: 8" - 11"

Life Span: 14 - 15 years

Health Problems: Hip dysplasia; patellar luxation; intervertebral disc protrusion; lymphoma; ear infections

Origin: Great Britain

Also Known As: No Nicknames.

Group: Terrier

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

The Dandie Dinmont requires moderate exercise.

Grooming Needs

Regular brushing and clipping is necessary for your Dandie Dinmont.


The Dandie Dinmont is gentle, playful and protective.

Compatibility with Kids

Generally good with children.


Bred during the 17th century to hunt badgers and otters, the Dandie Dinmont was named for Sir Walter Scott's novel "Guy Mannering.""

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