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Brazilian Mastiff

Size: Large

Weight: 90 - 110 lbs.

Height: 24" - 29.5" "

Life Span: 9 - 11 years

Health Problems: Hip dysplasia; bloat

Origin: Brazil

Also Known As: Fila Brasileiro, Brazilian Guard Dog, Brazilian Molosser, Cao de Fila

Group: Guardian

Category: Guard Dog, Tracking

Exercise Needs

The Brazilian Mastiff will need daily vigorous exercise. This dog is not recommended for city or apartment living.

Grooming Needs

The Brazilian Mastiff needs minimal grooming: occasional brushing and bathing.


Although friendly and protective of its human family, the Brazilian Mastiff may aggressive with strangers.

Compatibility with Kids

Can be dangerous. Not suited for families with children.


A descendant of the 15th century English Bull Mastiff, Bloodhounds, Bulldogs and Rafieros, this breed is banned in several countries.

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