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Training Videos

Step-by-step dog training tips from Bil-Jac and Joel Silverman.

Training your puppy? Want to teach your dog some cool new tricks? Bil-Jac teamed up with Expert Dog Trainer Joel Silverman for helpful puppy and dog training tips. (You may recognize him as the host of Animal Planet’s Good Dog U!)

Our dog training video series starts with “Building the Bond,” to ensure you both get off on the right paw! As your dog learns new skills and advances through training, you’ll go from teaching your dog basic commands like “sit” and “go to your place” to learning how to “play dead” and “kiss.” Explore the training videos below to start forming positive behaviors from your good boy or girl today!

Does your four-legged friend need some motivation?

Whether it be for training, rewarding, or just having fun, Bil-Jac Dog Treats offer a tasty way to bond with your dog! Read more.

Getting Started

Building the Bond

Training Sessions

Setting Goals

Understanding Corrections

High Energy Dogs

Basic Commands

Training Your Dog to Sit

Training Your Dog to Lie Down

Starting the Heel

Training Your Dog to Sit Up

Training Your Dog to Go to His Place

Training Your Dog to Bow

Dog Tricks

Training Your Dog to Kiss

Training Your Dog to Wave

Training Your Dog to Play Dead