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Some of our letters come to us through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our love letters come to us from all over. We loved them so much we wanted to share some with you. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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Excited For Dinner Time To Come!

Picky eating dogs

I adopted this boy from a terrible puppy mill situation when he was 5 weeks old. He's always had a sensitive stomach, and I've always had trouble getting him to eat. He had to have surgery in September to have part of his stomach removed. After that, when he did eat, he couldn't keep it down. I went to Petco looking for something to try and was recommended Bil-Jac. I just wanted to say that not only does he eat every single time, he's actually excited for meal times now, and he hasn’t thrown up once! I went from not knowing who you were to swearing by Bil-Jac!

Carly M.

Bil-Jac Sensitive Solutions Saves The Day!

Sensitve Solutions Fenway

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You! I have a 1 year old English Bulldog (Fenway). He has been to the vet almost monthly and received far too many antibiotics for skin issues related to the food he was eating. We've tried nearly all the big named brands the vet recommends as well as prescription food at a $100 a bag. Bil-Jac Sensitive Solutions Formula has been amazing! Fenway's gas has disappeared within 2 days of switching foods and he’s not itching like he used to. His skin is all cleared up and it’s 100% because of Bil-Jac. Fenway and I are very grateful! Thank you Bil-Jac!

Anthony M.

Bil-Jac Helps With Skin & Coat

I have a female pit mix that was losing fur and getting a lot of what I thought to be hot spots. I changed her food to Bil-Jac and it helped her so much. Her coat feels better, her skin is better and she even seems happier since I changed to this food. Thank you for having a great product.

Matt E.

Tricks For Bil-Jac Treats

Bil-Jac Little Jacs Gus and Grace

Gus and Grace, our two Shih Tzus, just love doing tricks for Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Small Dogs Training Treats. The treats make their coats so shiny and silky!

Jake M.

Bil-Jac Helps Bubba Build Muscle

Bil-Jac Helps Bubba

I started Bubba on Bil-Jac last month when he weighed 32 lbs. When I brought it home, I put it out next to his dog food and he put his nose up and went straight for the Bil-Jac. I took him back today for his second round of shots and our vet was shocked. Bubba weighed in at 55 lbs with solid muscle, his coat is beautiful. He is so happy and eats Bil-Jac every day and loves it. Everyone says he is beautiful and they have never seen such a shiny coat, I think it's the food for sure.

Shelly L.

A Big Thank You

I have a special appreciation for Bil-Jac. I rescued a puppy from the shelter and after a few days of having him home, we realized he was really sick. We took him to the vet and the doctor told us he was severely underweight ... but he refused over 10 different kinds of high grade puppy food. We bought Bil-Jac Large Breed and he looovved it!! We just rescued another puppy and he loves it, too. A BIG thank you for saving my little Oso.

Emily M.

Sold For Life

Bil-Jac Helps Blitz

Our German Shepherd, Blitz, has been a picky eater since we got her at 6 weeks old. We tried many different brands and types of food. She has a sensitive stomach, which made it more difficult to find something she enjoyed eating that was nutritious, delicious and easy on her tummy! She stopped eating for a while. Finally we discovered Bil-Jac! It was a world of difference. We put a bowl down, and she gobbled up the whole thing and looked at us with those big brown eyes, as if to say "Is that all I get?" She absolutely loves the food! She has no problems with digestion now, and Bil-Jac is really healthy, which makes us happy! Her coat is so much shinier and healthier too. Sold for life!

Erica D.

Love For Bil-Jac Sensitive Solutions

I have three small dogs. I want to give them the best of everything! Our oldest can't have wheat, so I have just started them all on Bil-Jac Sensitive Solutions Formula. All three love it! Thanks Bil-Jac!

Kyle P.

Bringing Back Energy

I noticed something really cool today. I tried your Adult Select Premium Dog Food. They love it, but for the last 2 days my Pit/Boxer mix has been driving all our customers crazy with her pull toys. She wants to play with everyone who comes in. Before they just napped most of the day. I would say she is feeling her ol' frisky self. I am amazed at how quickly I have seen a change. I really like your products, good job.

Sherri T.

Rocco Loves Bil-Jac

I met your rep at the Cleveland Dog Show. My 5 year old shepherd, Rocco, has been on a prescription diet for 3 years because he had loose stools. He was losing unexplained weight – 15 lbs. this year. $450 in blood work showed nothing. Your rep swore by the dry food, Bil-Jac Sensitive Solutions Formula. Rocco has put on 7 lbs in 3 weeks, he looks great. He was dying in front of my eyes. Bil-Jac saved him.

Bart S.

Boundless Energy

Bil-Jac Boundless Energy and Molly

Gorgeous Molly was rescued from a county animal shelter 5 weeks ago. After 2 weeks on Bil-Jac, her coat is softer, she smells better and she has boundless energy.

Jennifer G.

Diogee Loves Bil-Jac Large Breed

Bil-Jac Large Breed Diogee

This is my one year old Cane Corso, Diogee. I have to admit that I tried a "cheaper" brand of food because he eats so much. But with him being a large breed, it soon became evident that being cheap wasn't the way to go. He began limping really badly because of his joints. Once I began looking into the ingredients of his food, I saw that it was just fillers; not very nutritious. Now he’s on Bil-Jac and is thriving. No more limping and his coat is beautiful! Thanks for making a great product for large breeds.

Carmen F.

"Thank You Bil-Jac For Making Such Wonderful Food."

I work for PetSmart and two years ago adopted a wonder lab pit mix. For the better part of his first year, I tried him on foods that had worked for my other dogs. Within months, he was bored, had a dull coat and had a definite gas issue. Since being on Bil-Jac for the last year, he still is interested, with a full shiny coat. Thankfully the gas issue has been greatly reduced.

Amanda H.

Happy Doggies From Plainfield Illinois

Hi there, I wanted to tell you we love your dog food. We have 4 dogs, and our oldest is 16, almost 17. Thanks for letting us keep our dogs so long, they love the food!


Bandit Loves Bil-Jac

Bandit Loves Bil-Jac

About 1.5 years ago, we adopted Bandit into our home. They say dogs won’t starve themselves, but Bandit came close. He would only eat the minimum amount of food and we tried several brands. Our beloved boy would just not eat. We tried mixing in eggs, fish oil, gravy – you name it. Bandit actually got sick from one dog food and lost 10% body weight. I finally went to PetSmart and said I want the most palatable dog food you have. They pointed out Bil-Jac and told me that in 4 years they have never had a dog not eat it. I am so happy to say Bandit loves it! It is so nice to see an empty bowl. I have since given my mom and neighbor samples of Bil-Jac and they are now believers, too. Gone are the days when dogs are picky at meal time. So now, between the 3 of us, 5 dogs enjoy and thrive on your product. Thanks so much!


Bil-Jac Helps Momma and Puppies

Bil-Jac Helps Momma and Puppies

Bil-Jac helps to keep my baby momma in perfect condition prior to breeding and while nursing. The moms do lose so much of their coat from the nutrition loss from nursing. You can clearly see how long baby's coat has become. It is so soft and silky! Bil-Jac helps that more than any other brand.

Monika N.

"Thank you for such a wonderful product!"

If it weren't for finding Bil-Jac dog food for senior dogs, our 16 year old Maltese wouldn't be alive today. You see, he has lost all his teeth and although we were cutting up his previous food into bite size pieces, we could tell he wasn’t digesting correctly and became very sluggish. We noticed a distinct difference in him after giving him Bil-Jac. He was able to digest and "came back to life"!


"I Can't Thank You Enough."

Bil-Jac Thank You

Bil-Jac has changed my life. I can't thank you enough. I have a Siberian husky puppy that has had diarrhea for over two months. After vet visits and special dog foods, nothing has worked. My mom has told me over and over to get Bil-Jac, it works. Mom knows best and the best is Bil-Jac.


"Bil-Jac Makes My Coat So Shiny."

Bil-Jac Makes My Coat So Shiny

I love, love, love my new dog food! It makes my coat so shiny and my mom says I am so beautiful. I don't scratch as much anymore, no more itchy skin! My mom says I am healthier and that is why I love to run and play all the time. I will always love you and my new dog food.


"Bil-Jac Was A Home Run."

Bil-Jac Love Letters Sasha And Piper

I bought Bil-Jac for the first time this past week in hopes of finally finding a food that my furry kids would like and they absolutely loved it. I mixed it with their food prior so they wouldn't get a stomach ache or anything, and oddly enough, they picked out their old food and spit it out on the ground to get to the Bil-Jac food! They loved it, and now my bigger dog keeps trying to sneak and eat my smaller dog’s food when she’s not – so I would definitely say she likes it. They are picky eaters, so I was trying to find at least one healthy dog food that they liked. Bil-Jac was a home run. I would recommend it over and over again!


"Please, Don't Ever Stop Making Bil-Jac."

Please, Don't Ever Stop Making Bil-Jac

Both I and my dog are in great health thanks to Bil-Jac Dog Food. My 17 month-old Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund), after being rescued from severe dehydration and malnutrition, was brought to me by a good friend who found her. He estimated she'd been lost (or dumped) there several days earlier. When I picked her up, she immediately laid her little head in the center of my chest. I was a goner' – and my wife knew it too. Josie gets only Bil-Jac dog food (I've been using it for almost 20 years) and is now as healthy and as strong as a horse! She loves it. She's the best, cutest, smartest dog I’ve ever had and thrives on Bil-Jac. I am so proud of what your company produces – and made in the good old USofA! In addition, I’ve lost 18 lbs. myself since February when I started taking Josie for her daily morning walks. So you see, Bil-Jac has not only been good for Josie, it’s been great for me too! Please, don't ever stop making Bil-Jac. In my humble but most accurate opinion, it’s the best dog food on the planet. Many Hollywood dog trainers agree. Thank you so much!


"Sonny Maxwell's Fur Is So Shiny."

Sonny Maxwell's Fur Is So Shiny.

We wanted to find a dog food our puppy would actually "want" to eat. We did some research on what should be included in healthy puppy food and went to our favorite pet food store and walked the aisle. We selected Bil-Jac Puppy Select Formula because it not only had all the necessary ingredients, but you also offered a "sample" size. Sonny Maxwell enjoys this food. The reason for this love letter is to let you know that Sonny Maxwell's fur is so shiny! We were not expecting this change and it happened before he finished his first 6 lb. bag of food that we purchased after he finished the sample size. Thank you for continuing in your father and uncle's footsteps and taking good care to manufacture healthy food for our pets!


Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Are Key To A Training Success

I just wanted to contact your company to say that your product, Bil-Jac Little-Jacs dog training treats, absolutely work. My dog loves it; she obeys the commands I teach her and the reward has absolutely made it a painless process. A large part of my success training my puppy is due to your treats. Thank you!


Take The Bil-Jac Two Bowl Challenge

After meeting one of your representatives in my local PetSmart, I took the Bil-Jac Challenge. Not only did my puppy love your food, it did not upset his sensitive stomach! No transition was needed; in fact, he has nothing to do with the food I was giving him before!


Yayo Loves Bil-Jac

Yayo Loves Bil-Jac

I looooooove! So tasty and chickeny it makes my nose twitch and smile all at the same time!


Henri Loves Bil-Jac Grain Free

Henri Loves Bil-Jac Grain Free

Three years back in January, I adopted a Papillon and named him Henri. Ever since I brought him home, he had problems with eating – I tried brand after brand and still he would go days at a time without a meal. He would even turn down some wet foods! I recently spotted the Bil-Jac Grain Free Adult Formula and am so pleased you developed this. He eats two meals a day without me even having to mix it with anything else, has stopped scratching obsessively, and has calmed down in the house tremendously, without losing any energy to hike or run. He seems much more relaxed and healthy and I feel so much better knowing that I can finally stick to a brand!


"Everything You Told Us About Bil-Jac Is True."

Everything You Told Us About Bil-Jac Is True

My husband and I were at PetSmart buying dog food for our 2 dogs. We used another food. You were in the aisle and asked us if we had tried Bil-Jac. My husband laughed and said if we bought that food we’d have to get new dogs because trying to change foods doesn't work with our dogs. To make a long story short, we bought the food and the next day gave them the new Bil-Jac without mixing in the old food. They love the food! Our big 75 lb. dog wasn't crazy about the old food and sometimes we would have to sit with him while he ate it. He loves the Bil-Jac and his stool has improved tremendously (more formed). Everything you told us about Bil-Jac is true. Just thought you'd like to hear from some happy customers.

Jeff and Jill

"This Stuff Rocks!"

Seriously, I will never feed my dog anything but Bil-Jac. He is an Alaskan Malamute with a very sensitive stomach. The trainer at Petco told me about you. The Vet has checked him, he's good just so sensitive, even tried raw diets with "human" food, nothing worked. This stuff rocks. He is doing better than ever! We got him as a rescue and he’s always been a little underweight, I think your food will be fixing that problem. Finally! Even grabbed a bag for mom and dad’s dog, and as of last night, her dog seemed to be doing great on it! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Theresa L.

"You Have A Very Happy Customer For Life."

You Have A Very Happy Customer For Life.

I just want to say how pleased I am that an associate at my local Petco recommended your food to me. I had tried many high end foods for my Great Dane, Axel, and they all gave him loose stools or made him sick. He has a very sensitive stomach and I was ready to give up. I bought your Adult Select so that my Great Dane and Dachshund could eat the same food and the results were amazing, Axel was no longer getting sick and had solid stools within a couple of days. I couldn't believe it, I had finally found a dog food that he loved and that agrees with his sensitive stomach. He's been eating it for about a month now and is doing great. You have a very happy customer for life. Thank you so much for making a great dog food and Axel thanks you as well.


"This Stuff Rocks!"

My name is Jessica. I met you at Petco a few weeks ago. Since then we have switched our puppies over to Adult Select. Since the switch we have noticed more energy, more muscle growth, and their hair is softer and with a shining coat. They are gaining about 5 lbs. each week. Luna is almost 5 months and weighs about 50 lbs. Blue just turned 3 months and is over 30 lbs. They are eating about 9 cups a day between the 2 of them. I just wanted to tell you thanks for telling me about Bil-Jac! Thanks again, !


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