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Bil-Jac Learning Library Articles - Taking Treats Gently
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Bil-Jac Learning Library Video Tip - Learning to Sit
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Canine Curriculum

You've come to the right place for answers. Here's what most breeders and pet lovers want to know about superior quality dog food.You've come to the right place for answers. Here's what most breeders and pet lovers want to know about superior quality dog food.
A New Bil-Jac Look!
Bil-Jac has a new package design and recipe improvements at pet specialty stores near you. Now the company that uses the most real chicken to make its dry dog food is raising the bar and adding even more real chicken. In addition, we now include oatmeal in all of our formulas.
A Puppy for the Holidays?
Everyone loves a wagging tail, warm wet kisses and the lifetime of love that begins with a new dog or puppy. That said, not everyone is ready and able to receive a new best friend as an addition to the family or as a gift at the holidays.
Be extra thankful. Training Tips
Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful ... And that means for our best friends, too - right? A well-trained dog is a best friend for life, and that's something we can all be thankful for! Here are five training tips sure to increase your appreciation for your pet.
New Puppy in Your Future?
8 Important Tips that Will Help Ensure She's Happy & Healthy ... And That You Remain Wise.
The Facts About Doggie Do-Do
Knowing the scoop about your best friend's poop is important - and as easy as spotting some basics.
First Aid Kit for Pets!
A fully equipped household first aid kit contains almost all of the supplies you may need for your pets.
Pet First Aid Tips
Dog-owners can learn how to keep their pets safe and healthy during Pet First Aid Awareness Month
Seven Acts of Canine Kindness
Did you know that this month marks the 98th annual Be Kind To Animals Week celebration?
National Pet Month Tips
National Pet Month, a great time for us all to reflect on the importance of our best friend and the responsibility of pet ownership.
The Five Most Famous Terriers!
Can you name the 5 most famous terriers of all time? Test your Terrier trivia knowledge ...
Dogs In Training
A series of step-by-step dog training tips from Bil-Jac and Joel Silverman
Picky ... or Particular?
Understanding Mealtime Solutions that Work will Make for a Healthier Best Friend.
Sit. Stay. Down. Lie down. Come here.
When your dog knows a few basic commands, it makes your time together much more relaxing! Taking the time to train your dog is a great way to bond and spend time together.
My Dog Isn't Eating ... Should I Be Worried?
Are you enjoying playtime, cuddles and walks with your dog but are concerned your dog is not enjoying mealtimes?
Is High-Quality Protein a Must for Your Dog?
We've all heard it's important to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy, right? We need to get the "right" amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, minerals and water in our diet each day.
Is Your Dog a Little, uh, Fluffy?
Have you noticed that your pooch may have put on a few pounds recently? You are not alone.
Cute and Pudgy or Overweight and Unhealthy?
A study conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) indicates 53 percent of adult dogs are classified as overweight.
5 Best Ever Tips for Winning the Battle of the Bulge
Believe it or not, despite growing love for our pets in America, pet obesity has reached an all-time high.
Pound for Pound ... Small Breeds Have Big Nutritional Needs
Small breed dogs are typically known to be dogs that are under 20 pounds. One of the fastest growing categories of breeds.
Tips for Those Awkward Teenage Puppy Months
Life with a puppy is a time of energy and fun, with some ups and downs thrown in.
Best Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day!
Who can resist the adorable face and curiosity of a puppy? We have some suggestions to help you celebrate on National Puppy Day every day.
Make a Pact With Your Pooch
The start of the New Year is a great time to think about your goals for 2013.Here are a few ideas to get you and your best friend looking forward to a healthy new year.
Pet First Aid Tips
We all know dog lovers are a very special breed. In honor of Pet First Aid Awareness Month, put together a list of what you can do to be prepared and help keep your dog safe.
4 Ways to Give Every Dog His Day!
Show a Best Friend You Love Him. Did you know ... approximately 130,000 dogs are abandoned each year?
6 Myths About Your Dog
We've put together a list of common dog myths, and shown you the truth!
Is Your Dog Green ... with Nervousness?
According to celebrity dog trainer and pet expert Joel Silverman, one of the biggest misconceptions we have about our four legged family members is the thinking that we can or should treat all dogs universally the same.
Joel's Training Tips
Do you want to teach your dog a new trick? Spend some time watching dog training by Joel Silverman with his best friend Fido, as they teach you the best ways to train your furry friend!
Is Your Dog Red?
According to celebrity dog trainer and pet expert, Joel Silverman, one of the biggest misconceptions we have about our best friends is thinking that they should all be trained the same. Looking closely at your dog's personality opens up a whole new level of interaction and best practices for training him.
Is Pet Insurance Right for You?
Our dogs are like family - we want the very best for them, whether it's nutrition, grooming, boarding or health care. While we do our best to keep our pets safe and healthy, our best friends are still prone to accidents and illnesses. Learn more about insurance for your pets here.
Well Being and Happiness Quiz
By now, most dog lovers know that the Border Collie is ranked as the smartest breed among breeds. But how smart are you when it comes to your Best Friends' health? Consider yourself challenged. Take our Well Being & Happiness Quiz and test your wits!
6 Amazing Party Tricks
Get your best friend ready for the holidays with our favorite party tricks!
Is Your Dog Yellow?
While some dogs naturally have Yellow personalities, others become Yellow due to the training they've received - and even due to the trainer they've worked with.
Is Your Dog Blue?
One of the biggest misconceptions we have about our four legged family members is the thought that we can or should treat all dogs the same. To do so, however, doesn't take into account the animals personality.
How to Care for Your Mature Dog
Dogs can also go through some of these same adjustments as they grow older. Once dogs reach seven years of age, they are considered senior pets. Becoming a senior means adjustments in food, activity and annual vet check-ups are even more important.
Reasons to Adopt a Mature Dog
When people think about adopting a dog, they usually look at puppies first. While there are many advantages associated with adopting a puppy, adopting a mature dog may make your life even richer.
Avoid the Alligator Chomps!
We all know that sometimes our best friend gets overly excited about a great tasting treat. In doing so, she just might grab for it with a forceful bite. If you've ever been hesitant about treating your best friend we know how you feel! Dogs who chomp enthusiastically are widespread among owners and best friend lovers everywhere.
New Year's Resolutions
Be Resolved! How do your New Year's Resolutions stack up? See some of our favorites here!
Happily Trained Dogs with Bil-Jac
A well trained dog is a happier dog (and owner). Why? Because a trained dog requires fewer restrictions in your house, on your family and in his life. A well-trained dog receives more attention and interaction from friends and family.
Seven Nutritional Facts Worth Barking About
Every day, we hear from consumers - offering notes of love, sharing photos and asking questions. Some questions arise more often than others.
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