At A Glance

Size: Small

Weight: 9 - 15 lbs.

Height: 10"

Life Span: 10 - 15 years.

Tibetan Spaniel

Also know as: Tibbie

Group: Non-sporting

Origin: Tibet (Himalayan monasteries and villages)

Today's Role: Companion Dog

History and Facts: These dogs were beloved companions of monks in the Himalayan monasteries. These dogs loved to sit on high viewpoints, warning it owner of approaching visitors by barking.

Temperament / Behavior
The Tibetan Spaniels is intelligent, alert and independent. This breed is a quick learner, although it can be obstinate. Consistent training is needed.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Overall good health. Eye testing recommended (for PRA).

Special Needs
Exercise: The Tibetan Spaniel has a medium amount of energy. One half hour per day of exercise should be adequate for this breed.

Grooming: The Tibetan has a short to medium coat that's easy to care for. Once a week brushing should be sufficient. This breed is a low shedding one.


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