At A Glance

Size: Medium

Weight: 35 - 55 lbs.

Height: 16" - 23"

Life Span: 12 - 14 years

Stephens Stock

Also know as: Stephens Stock Mountain Cur, Stephens Cur

Group: Working

Origin: United States (1800s)

Today's Role: Companion Dog, Hunting

History and Facts: A descendant of the Mountain Cur, this breed was developed by the Hugh Stephens family in southeastern Kentucky. The family developed the breed during a century of breeding, perfecting its smooth black coat and outstanding hunting abilities. Stephens was actively involved in the Mountain Cur Club, but by 1970 the club determined that Stephens' breed was distinct enough to form a separate registry from the Mountain Cur.

Temperament / Behavior
Stephens Stock dogs are highly trainable and courageous. They are known hunters, specializing in smaller prey such as squirrels and raccoons. When in packs, they are capable of tracking large game such as bears and mountain lions. Stephens Stock dogs are devoted to family, but may be wary of strangers.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Special Needs
Exercise: Due to its hunting nature, the Stephens Stock requires frequent walks, runs, romps and play sessions. Hunting activities preferred by this breed.

Grooming: No special grooming requirements.


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