At A Glance

Size: Small

Weight: 9 - 10 lbs.

Height: 5" - 10"

Life Span: 14 - 17 years

Miniature Dachshund

Also know as: Zwergteckel

Group: Hound

Origin: Germany (1900s)

Today's Role: Companion Dog

History and Facts: Formally bred in the 1800s as badger hunters, the breed may date back to ancient Egypt.

Temperament / Behavior
Feisty, strong willed, curious and affectionate. This breed does well with older children, but can be snappish and jealous. The Miniature Dachshund has a tendency to pick a "favorite" in the family and become "their" dog. This breed can be difficult to train. Some clever Dachshunds will attempt to train their owners, rather than being trained.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Dachshund paralysis (hereditary spinal disc problems); heart disease; urinary tract infections; diabetes; easy weight gain

Special Needs
Exercise: Dachshunds have a tendency to get lazy and gain weight, so it is important to introduce them to exercise early in life. Short walks, romp and play are adequate for this breed.

Grooming: No special grooming requirements.


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