At A Glance

Size: Small

Weight: 8 - 14 lbs.

Height: 10" - 11"

Life Span: 11 - 12 years

King Charles Spaniel

Also know as: English Toy Spaniel

Group: Sporting

Origin: Great Britain (1600s)

Today's Role: Companion Dog

History and Facts: Between the Middle Ages and 17th century, breeders selected the smallest of Spaniel litters to create this toy version of its larger ancestors. The dog was named after one of its biggest fans, King Charles I.

Temperament / Behavior
A playful and loving companion, the King Charles Spaniel some can be somewhat shy. This breed is usually good with children. The King Charles Spaniel is smart and well-behaved, but can sometimes be headstrong. The breed is social and loves to be around people most of the time. These dogs are known to be picky eaters. Due to an inactive nature, this breed makes a good choice for apartment or city living. Living conditions should be kept cool, as King Charles Spaniels have a tendency to struggle with breathing in hot weather.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Heart disease; respiratory problems; chronic wheezing and snoring due to short snout; slipped knee; eye problems; ear infections

Special Needs
Exercise: The King Charles Spaniel is a very inactive breed that requires little exercise, although short daily walks are recommended to maintain healthy physique and weight.

Grooming: No special grooming requirements.


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