At A Glance

Size: Medium

Weight: Smooth (31 - 44 lbs.), Rough (25 - 53 lbs.)

Height: Smooth (17" - 22"), Rough (18" - 23")

Life Span: 12 years

Istrian Hound

Also know as: Istrian Rough-Coated Hound, Istrian Smooth-Coated Hound, Istrian Setter, Istrski Kratkodlaki Gonic, Istrski Ostrodlaki Gonic

Group: Hound

Origin: Slovenia (Middle Ages / 1800s)

Today's Role: Companion Dog, Hunting

History and Facts: An ancient scenthound, the Istrian Smooth-Coated Hound is a descendant of Asian scenthounds and European Mastiffs and scenthounds. In the 1800s, the Istrian Rough-Coated Hound was developed as a cross between the Istrian Smooth-Coated Hound and the French Griffon Vendeen.

Temperament / Behavior
Because of varying ancestry, the smooth-coated and rough-coated varieties of the Istrian Hound have slightly different temperaments. The original, smooth-coated variety is a loyal hunting partner, affectionate and calm. Its rough-coated counterpart is equally enjoyable, but has a tendency to be more independent (training more difficult). The rough-coated variety is also more versatile in its outdoor abilities because its coat is more resistant to water and cold weather.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Special Needs
Exercise: Both the Smooth and Rough Coated varieties are natural hunters and require plenty of exercise. Regular walks, romps and play sessions are recommended for this breed.

Grooming: No special grooming requirements.


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