At A Glance

Size: Small

Weight: 25 - 27 lbs.

Height: 18" - 19"

Life Span: 12 - 15 years

Irish Terrier

Also know as: Irish Red Terrier

Group: Terrier

Origin: Ireland (1700s)

Today's Role: Companion Dog, Hunting, Field Trials

History and Facts: The Irish Terrier originated in the Cork region of Ireland and was developed as a watchdog and vermin hunter. It likely descended from Wheaten Terriers and Old Black-and-Tan Terriers.

Temperament / Behavior
Reckless, courageous and energetic. Irish Terriers are the "daredevils" of the canine world, and can be perceived as a bit of a bully with other dogs and pets. Highly active and ready for a good time, this breed is great for active children who can provide hours of adventure. They are extremely loyal and protective of their humans. Irish Terriers are rather willful when it comes to training and can be difficult to housebreak. This breed is intelligent and affectionate with people if socialized during puppyhood. This breed can be a handful and is not recommended for first-time dog owners.

Breed-Related Health Concerns
Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Special Needs
Exercise: Due to its hunting nature, the Irish Terrier requires vigorous exercise. This dog enjoys long walks, play sessions or runs. Irish Terriers should always be on a leash when exercising in public, because they are prone to fighting with other dogs. Irish Terriers are popular in field trials, because their energy and courage make them fierce competitors.

Grooming: Brush your Irish Terrier regularly and use a comb to remove dead hair.


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