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Small Blue Gascony Griffon

Size: Medium

Weight: 40 - 48 lbs.

Height: 20" - 23"

Life Span: 12 years

Health Problems: Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Origin: France

Also Known As: Petit Griffon Bleu de Gascogne

Group: Hound

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

The Small Blue Gascony Griffon is not recommended for city or apartment dwellers. This breed needs plenty of exercise and room / time to run.

Grooming Needs

No special grooming requirements.


This breed is an excellent hound, but it can be difficult to train. This breed is known for enjoying the company of other dogs.

Compatibility with Kids

This breed is family-oriented and interacts well with children.


This breed originated when breeders wanted a "smaller" Grand Bleu de Gascogne that would be better suited to hunt small quarry. It is rarer than its cousin, the Grand Bleu de Gascogne"