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Russian Hounds

Size: Medium / Large

Weight: 60 - 100 lbs.

Height: 26" - 28"

Life Span: 7 - 10 years

Health Problems: Excellent health record. No known hereditary conditions.

Origin: Russia

Also Known As: No Nicknames.

Group: Companion

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

No special exercise requirements.

Grooming Needs

No special grooming requirements.


Some puppies can be difficult to housebreak. However the breed tends to be calm and quiet once it passes the puppy stage.

Compatibility with Kids

These dogs are known as children friendly but shouldn't be trusted because of their rough nature of play and natural instincts.


This breed has been used in Russia as far back the Middle Ages perhaps even before this time period. The Russians believe that the indigenous Russian Hound was crossed with Laikas many years ago in order to obtain the smaller ears, oblique eyes, thick grayish undercoat and wedge-shaped head characteristic of this breed.