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Kangaroo Hound

Size: Large

Weight: 65 - 70 lbs.

Height: 17" - 30"

Life Span: 10 - 12 years

Health Problems: Bloat; sensitivity to drugs (including anesthetics and insecticides). It is recommended that owners find a veterinarian that is familiar with Greyhounds and / or related breeds because their sensitivity to anesthetics can make routine surgeries more complicated.

Origin: Australia

Also Known As: Australian Greyhound, Kangaroo Dog, Australian Kangaroo Dog

Group: Sighthound

Category: Companion Dog, Lure Coursing, Racing

Exercise Needs

Due to its racing nature, the Kangaroo Hound requires frequent exercise and long walks. This breed loves to run, romp and play.

Grooming Needs

No special grooming requirements.


This breed is free-spirited and energetic. The Kangaroo Hound possesses many of the same qualities as its ancestor, the English Greyhound, including an even temperament and the ability to form strong bonds with humans. Like most sighthounds, Kangaroo Hounds are pack animals that enjoy the company of other dogs. But due to its nature as a coursing hound, it is not the best choice for homes with cats and other small pets.

Compatibility with Kids

Not a good candidate for families with small children


The Kangaroo Hound is a descendant of the English Greyhound. It is quite similar to its ancestor in temperament and in appearance, although some Kangaroo Hounds have a more wirehaired appearance, rather than the smooth coat associated with most Greyhounds.

Pet Facts

Not recognized by the AKC

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