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Size: Large

Weight: 66 - 71 lbs.

Height: 25" - 28"

Life Span: 12 - 15 years

Health Problems: Near extinction

Origin: France

Also Known As: Virelade

Group: Hound

Category: Companion Dog

Exercise Needs

The Dogue De Bordeaux is best suited for kennel life. This breed needs vigorous exercise and space to roam.

Grooming Needs

Regular brushing is required for your Gascons-Saintongeois.


The Gascons-Saintongeois is known to be gentle and affectionate. This is a rare breed.

Compatibility with Kids

Good with children.


This breed is named for the region in France where it originated. It is commonly referred to as the Virelade after Baron von Virelade, who crossed the breed with Grand Gasconies. Today these dogs are used to hunt deer, wild boar and foxes.

Pet Facts

Only ten packs were present as of 1986. Not recognized by the AKC

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