The Latest Innovation in Healthy Immune Function and Digestion.

Just spray your way to healthy digestion and immune function with new Bil-Jac BreakThru® Biotics Probiotic Food Spray!


Why does my dog need probiotics?

Our furry friends have unique nutrition and digestive needs, but here’s one thing they share with humans— having enough of those good, friendly bacteria around that live in the gut (small and large intestines) to support healthy digestion and immune function. Probiotics are the good bacteria that help keep other bacteria in check. Probiotics help crowd out the other bacteria in the small and large intestines. In other words, probiotics support both immune function and digestive health.

Dogs are naturally curious. They are sniffing around, licking the floor, getting into the garbage. They occasionally chew on your shoes and even your socks. They get into all kinds of things in the yard and on walks!

A key part of a healthy dog is a healthy digestive tract and immune system. That’s why we wanted to give dog parents an easy, natural way to give dogs a daily probiotic for immune function and digestive health support.

Simple for you, scrumptious for your dog.

Unlike most dog probiotics on the market, Bil-Jac BreakThru Biotics Probiotics is a spray. No pills, no messy powders that need mixing, no need to refrigerate — just spritz it on your best friend’s regular food once a day. It provides 12 strains of natural, live and active probiotics that support digestive health and immune function.

And the best part about Bil-Jac Biotics is the taste! Bil-Jac BreakThru Biotics will actually make any doggy dinner that much more irresistible. It’s that bowl-licking good!

One bottle goes a long way.

A 4 oz. bottle of BreakThru Biotics contains enough spray to last about:
  • One month for a large dog
  • One to two months for a medium dog
  • Two to three months for a small dog

So go ahead. Be proactive with your dog’s digestive health. BreakThru Biotics is a great simple, natural way to give your dog the probiotics they need every day. Spray away!

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