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Some of our letters come to us via the internet, through mail, through Facebook and even Twitter. Our love letters come to us from all over. We loved them so much we wanted to share some with you. Here are just a few of our favorites.

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Bil-Jac Lovers For Life

My dogs only eat Bil-Jac and after visiting me, my daughter's dogs wouldn't touch their other food ... she is now a fan. My 3 Chi little girls and a Chinese Crested LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new Bil-Jac for small breeds. They eat less and they like that it is chicken, yams and oatmeal. Thank you Bil–Jac!

Ruth P.

Little Lucy

Picky eating dogsThis is Little Lucy she used to be very finicky about eating. She also would throw up two or three times a week. We met a nice rep at the pet store, and Lucy hasn't missed a meal since. The bonus is she isn't always sick anymore. Thank you Bil-Jac.

Ashley L.

Picky Eaters Love Bil-Jac

Picky eating dogsMy handsome little boy Ezra, an Alaskan Klee Kai, just loooves Bil-Jac! When he first came home he only weighed about 3.5 pounds and refused to eat dry food. I searched for a food that would not only be good for him, but that he would like. I was given a free sample by a Bil-Jac representative at our local pet store and it was a winner! I cried tears of joy when he gobbled up an entire bowl!

Lauren W.

Best Friends Love Bil-Jac

All your pets love Bil-JacAbout a year ago, I adopted an adorable little blonde 1 year old Terrior/Chihuahua mix from Arizona Cocker Rescue, rescued from "death row." A few months prior to that, I lost my beloved Mom and shortly thereafter had to have my 12 yr old Chihuahua mix, Jessie, put to sleep due to a massive tumor in her abdomen. I also have a rescued Staffordshire Pitbull that I've had for about 4 years and since the losses, she was extremely depressed, lonely and sad. She would hardly eat, play or do anything ... All she did was sleep. Now, since we have the new addition she is once again happy, playing and enjoying life. Buddy and Coco are now the best of friends ... They play, go for walks and sleep together. They are just such an odd couple to see playing.

JoAnn F., Phoenix, AZ

Bil-Jac Is The Cure For Picky Eaters

Abby is the love of our lives. The SPCA rescued her from a puppy mill with her brothers and sisters. She now lives a charmed life and there is nothing we wouldn't do for her. But she is a very picky eater to say the least. To get her to eat "good" dog food has not been easy. We did some research on your dog food and it has been a great match. Good healthy food and she eats it with no problem. Thank you.

Julie W., Cheektowaga, NY

“My Dog Absolutely Loves Your Food!”

I have never written to any company before about their products, but a remarkable situation has developed and I feel I must let you know.

I have an 11-year old shepherd-lab female named Shaka who's been on grocery-brand dog food since the day she was born. Shaka is fit and healthy and never had any problems until recently, when her coat and skin became very dry and lackluster. The veterinarian said I shouldn't worry since this happens in older dogs all the time. He suggested vitamin E, but I wasn't pleased with the results.

In the meantime, I was asked to watch a friend's dog for two weeks. Perry came to me with his own dog food, toys, and dog treats. As you know, dogs are like little kids, and they want what the other one has. Consequently, Shaka ate Perry's dog food and Perry ate Shaka’s dog food. Perry's dry food was Bil-Jac Select Super Premium Dog Food, a brand I wasn't familiar with. I only poured 10-15 ounces in Shaka's bowl. I was used to doling out huge portions of kibble and felt like I was depriving the dogs of enough dog food, but I've never seen such a remarkable change in Shaka!

Within five days of eating Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food (Reduced Fat) her coat grew shiny and lush, her eyes were sparkling and clear and she had started to show signs of skin changes for the better. After ten days, Shaka was so full of vim and vigor she acted like a young pup. Her coat was slick and brilliant, and her dry patches were all going away and she looked like a brand new dog. I have never seen a more complete turnaround in an animal. She is healthier than ever and the vet can't believe his eyes. I wrote to thank you for your wonderful dog food and to express my appreciation.

C.D., Norfolk, VA

A Problem With Diarrhea

I wanted to tell you that our Australian Shepherd, Talulah, had problems with "loose bowels," but since she has been on Bil-Jac, she no longer has a problem! Also, we inherited my mother's Miniature Schnauzer last April when my mother passed away. Heidi was very finicky about her food and was overweight. When she came to live with us, we gradually started her on Bil-Jac, and now she can't wait to get her dinner every night! She is 12 years young, has lost weight, and I can tell that she feels much better on this food. She has a new lease on life. Thank you for producing such a wonderful product.

Jo H.

A Bil-Jac Dog For Life

My dog loves Bil-JacThis is my rescue dog Guinness. We think he is part lab, part beagle, and part something else. In this photo, he was about 9 weeks old, adorable, fluffy, and loving being outside. He eats Bil-Jac puppy food now and his coat is so shiny! He will always be a Bil-Jac dog!

Victoria W., Chicago, IL

Severe Skin Allergies

I just had to write to tell you that our Coonhound suffered from severe skin allergies - we were buying prescription tablets that cost well over $100 each month and still didn't work very well. In the end we had him sedated and on Benadryl because it was the only way to keep him from scratching himself bloody (besides, he had almost no more fur at that point). We tried Bil-Jac because a representative at PetSmart recommended it, and his allergies were almost gone after just a few days! We have - and still sometimes do - try other premium dog foods but his allergies keep coming back after just a few days without Bil-Jac. Besides, each time I put other food in his bowl he looks at me as if I was crazy ... he's gotta have his Bil-Jac. Thank you so much.

Cured Coonhound

Coats Are Soft And Shiny With Our Dog Food

Our 6 month old cocker spaniel Stanley Zepplin, LOVES Bil-Jac! He is so healthy, and full of life PLUS his coat is so soft and shiny. Everyone always asks if we just had him groomed because he looks so great. Thanks for making great food for our puppy, I really appreciate it!

Mauriett C., Miami Springs, FL

A Hungry Dog No More

Hungry dog - no moreOver the past month I had been having trouble with the eating habits of my two-year-old pure bread Chihuahua, Bandit. It seemed the more food I offered him, the less he seemed interested in eating. The vet suggested many things to get him to eat more food ... but no luck. I've always fed my dog(s) Bil Jac's Liver Treats and biscuits and they couldn't get enough. So while shopping for dog food yesterday I came across Bil Jac Small Breed Select ... THE moment I put Bil-Jac in Bandit's bowl he began eating vigorously!!! THANK YOU so much for making high quality, affordable dog food that dogs LOVE!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I'll never buy anything else!

Dominique L., Las Vegas, NV

The Food Of Champions

As a USDA employee & a dog trainer I continue to educate my customers about the importance of their dog’s nutrition & how Bil-Jac should be the center of that balance.

Thanks again so much for such a quality product & for giving my Weimers the quality nutrition they need to live a long & healthy life!

Lisa and Jon

Besides Being My Pet

Service dogs love Bil-JacHere is a photo of my dog Frankie. He is a 3 year old Pomeranian. Besides being my pet, he is a service dog (medical alert) and a therapy dog. In the past year we have over 200 hours between hospital and nursing homes. He loves Bil-Jac food and treats. Peace.


Itching Be Gone

I just wanted to let you know that I started feeding my longhair dachshund Bil-Jac Senior about 2 months ago. At that time he was suffering from itchy skin and flaking. His coat was extremely dry. Now his coat is shiny and smooth, no more flakes or itching!

Thank you for your great product.

Larai, Whiteland, IN

Health Problems Are Gone!

Just a quick note to let you know that I found your product through an in store demonstrator and he showed me how Bil-Jac food was different and used the water test. That was in 2005 and I have been using Bil-Jac ever since. Before using Bil-Jac, my dogs (A toy poodle and a Shitzu) would get colds, the flu, and other health problems which cost me a lot at the vet’s office. Since feeding my dogs Bil-Jac, they haven't had one health problem to date! Whenever I get the chance, I tell my story to who ever will listen and rave about your product! Thank you for making such a complete and healthy dog food available at such a reasonable price. I'm proud to say I'm a Bil-Jac customer for life!

Mike, Chicago, IL

A Bil-Jac Dog Is A Healthy Dog

We use Bil-Jac exclusively for our rescue. It is the best we can find. When we mix with anything else (dry) they pick out the Bil-Jac and leave the other food.

We do not have the trouble with new food stomach problems and the dogs thrive.

Ann, San Diego, CA

Bil-Jac Is The Winner!

My family recently purchased a 3 month old rat terrier puppy named Joey. The person we bought him from gave us a ziploc baggie of Science Diet Small Bites, which we had been feeding him for a few days. We then went to PetSmart at Hwy 6 and 529 in Houston Texas to buy him some supplies, including food. At the store, I ran into and talked with a very nice young lady whose name I do not remember. She was not an employee of the store, but a representative from Bil-Jac, and we talked for a long time about our new puppy. She gave us some very valuable information, and a small carton with a free sample of the dog food.

My husband was not wanting to switch Joey over immediately from one food to the other, carefully mixed the two foods together. We were highly amused to notice within the next 48 hours, Joey was sorting through the food and separating it out, eating only the Bil-Jac food and leaving Science Diet in his bowl. I guess his vote has been cast, it will be Bil-Jac from now on!!!!


A Star Is Born

My puppy Mocha C. is so awesome and excited about your food! I have the cutest dog one could see that does flips for your food when I bring it out! I am very interested in showing you what she does on video. She is a very good dog and boy oh boy I kid you not this is a Bil-Jac Puppy Dog!


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