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What color is your dog?

Is Your Dog ... Yellow?

In our 3rd installment of Joel Silverman's dog training book, "What Color is Your Dog?" we focus on the yellow personality. While some dogs naturally have Yellow personalities, others become Yellow due to the training they’ve received — and even due to the trainer they've worked with. Learn if your dog is yellow.

Bil-Jac Back To School Dog Training Tips with Joel Silverman

Back to School: Time to Train!

While we're focused on back to school, don't forget that our four-legged family members need to stay mentally sharp, too! Looking for a refresher? We've got you covered with easy-to-follow training videos!

Dog Myths

Dog Myths Set Straight

Is your Best Friend color blind? Well, not exactly ... but the answer isn't black and white! Learn the truth on what your pup sees, and check out other busted dog tales in our fun dog myths slide show.

Puppy Food from Bil-Jac

Spotting a Well-Nourished Pup

There is more to assessing your dog's health than a wagging tail. Learn the important signs of a healthy and happy best friend on our Pinterest board. And find your best friend's new favorite dog food!

The Tasty Truth

The Tasty Truth

One of the strongest instincts your dog has is his sense of ... taste. Learn what he's trying to tell you in our Tips for a Great Meal Time Bowl slide show.

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